Saturday, October 27, 2012

Step by Step Recipe: Pork Stir Fry with Rice

Pork stir fry
step by step recipe

Use pork chops, thin sliced.

To start: take pork out of the refrigerator, salt and pepper both sides, sit aside about 5 minutes. At this time, prep the marinade. 

Soy Sauce (or Terriyaki sauce)
ground ginger
agave syrup or honey
1 star anise
minced garlic
onion powder
salt. pepper
red pepper flakes (I use so very little!)

Marinate in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

That will give you time for the next steps.

Make your rice

1 cup beef broth and pinch of saffron (if ya got it!) to make your rice. Cook, set aside. 

Get your veggies 

Sugar snap peas, green beans, mushrooms, and carrot. Chop them alot smaller than pictured! I picked these because they are some of the veggies that do not bother my stomach.Stir fry mixes at the grocery store were gross. Ive seen an ok mix at Trader Joes but I cannot eat broccoli so I pass on it. I am sure you can get a better stir fry mix at another store, or just use the veggies you like.

Start frying

Cook both sides, I used cooking spray to coat my wok. You can use canola oil if you prefer. Halfway through cooking you will probably need more oil anyway to keep things from sticking. You dont have to use a wok, but I found it was very convenient for this recipe. 

Just keep frying

Cook pork on medium heat. You can use some of the marinade to pour over while cooking. Just remember to remove the star anise. Remove pork slices after cooked through until all pork from the marinade is cooked. Set it aside. Keep oil in pan. Keep hot, you are going to throw in veggies right away.

Add the veggies, cook for a few, then add the rice. In the meantime, I suggest cutting up the cooked pork pieces into smaller bites. (same with veggies) Watch the pan at this part, because food might start to stick and as long as you have your oil handy, add just a bit, and itll be good. 

I started to cut the pork slices but they were pretty hot so I just did what I could. Pinches of salt and pepper to finish. Serve.

All done!! 

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