Saturday, November 17, 2012

SS of the Week: CABAL for NES

The point of Cabal is to to defeat D.R.A.T (the Dreaded Republic of Allied Terrorists). 
Mission:? Destroy everything while checking out a great view of your own backside
The plot: ?  I never knew what it was. I dont think there is one.

So, how did you get your copy of Cabal? For me and my little sister, our Mom let us pick out a game from the bargain bin at Woolworths
Cabal was in the arcades and pretty popular, so that is why we probably were reassured this was a good pick, because we played it or saw it at the arcade at the local mall. First off, this was not an easy game. Not like any of the shooters on the NES were easy. You team up with your partner (who wears red as Player 2) to shoot out war enemies. Shoot your way through levels using power ups as they drop, to beat a boss nobody probably has seen, or even remotely remembers. Beating this game was hardly a goal for me, or any other gamer I know. But they all played, at least once. 

dun dun dun dun dundun! the best background music...

So you start out on a board like this. Enemies coming out from sides of buildings, tanks driving by, etc. Grenades, which you get as items, are best held for the boss fights. Anyway, in the board, you shoot your enemies until the little power bar at the bottom of the screen empties out and you win. You can also shoot out walls, buildings, and other things to cause the enemy bar to shrink. Sometimes its best to just shoot left to right, and then right back across again. Keep hidden behind the walls so you can avoid bullets being shot at you. Hold the B button and let 'er rip!

It was so much fun to shoot at the buildings, closing gates, moving tanks, Jeeps, and more. It was more fun than shooting another guy because you got to watch the explosions. Everything is a target. Best bet is to save the walls right in front of you, so you can dodge bullets. 

5 levels with 4 boards in each level...gets ridiculously tough after these. I have only beat the last board on Level 2 once, (2-4) from what I remember of this game, and nobody else was around at the time. 
Then I died right away in 3-1.

could have walked around this pond instead in 2-1

I really cant emphasize how much fun this game is as a 2-player. Both sides are equal and its easy to work together, share items, and just have alot of laughs. It really is not as much fun solo. You have a finite amount of lives, only so many 'guys' you get to beat the game. That is a challenge in itself.
Finally, an ending shot, reminding me exactly how I played this game growing up.
This was always a 2-player game in our house. I still believe it should be.

Playing this game with my sister Julia. 

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