Monday, February 11, 2013

Spaghetti Sauce & Fresh Vs Dry Herb Guide

Spaghetti Sauce

Home made spaghetti sauce does not really require a recipe, as much as tomato sauce and heat, but this is what I do. Combine sauces and herbs into a pot or Crock pot, let simmer for at least an hour. Add cooked meat like beef or turkey to sauce if desired. Beef pictured. Done!

1 small can tomato paste
2 cans Spaghetti sauce, your choice
1 onion, sliced in half
cooked ground beef or turkey (optional)


Basil and Basil Salt: Link to Paula's Basil Salt recipe 
 Oregano, Thyme, Bay leaves, any other herbs you may enjoy
Onion & Garlic powder to enhance flavor, optional
Sugar/Salt/Pepper are a must

Fresh Vs. Dry Herb Guide for Sauce
If you are planning to use fresh herbs in your spaghetti sauce, here is a helpful tip. Create a bouquet garni, which is a bundle of fresh herbs. It helps when removing the herbs from the sauce, keeping stems and leaves from invading the sauce. Make sure to get some cheesecloth. It is sold at the Dollar store and probably the grocery store. Wrap your herbs snugly up and drop into the pot. Slice your basil leaves into roulades to help release their flavor.
If you are using mostly dry herbs, just adding them to the pot is sufficient. The smaller dried herb leaves would fall through the cheesecloth. You can skip the top of the sauce later if you wish to remove some herbs but otherwise, just let everything simmer.
Fresh & Dry
This is a fine option as well. You may chop your onions and add them to your bouquet as well, if you do not like to have the texture in your sauce. Most of the time, it is taste testing. If the sauce is too acidic, try to tone it down with a few pinches of sugar. 

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