Sunday, February 24, 2013

SS of the week: Crystal Caves for DOS


Hey there, retro gaming fans! Have I got a real gem for you tonight, or what? This week, we talk about gems in one of the coolest games for DOS.
For WHAT? Yes, for DOS. This game ran on a computer with Windows 3.12 on my Packard Bell. Back in those days, you could get this weird black plastic square things called 'floppy disks'. They came in different sizes. The local drugstore had a rack of the 3 and a half inch floppy disks in a demo game.
Demo? Whatever, it looked cool! I could get a computer game when Mom was getting medicine or something boring. These games were not much in length but they did hold my attention for at least its price of $5.00 or so.
A:\install your game here fools
do as I command, DOS style

I was a big time science geek, and a huge fan of rocks and minerals. I thought gems and rocks were so incredibly awesome. So yes of course, this game rocked my world.

So here it is. The mushrooms dont do anything. The signage doesnt mean anything. Everything can basically kill you. You get a gun and bullets and hearts and power up with food. I love powering up with food. It always makes me want to eat my prize. Also, lots of pretty gems around to collect.

As you see, you are small and cant move around so great, you have to deal with the oddest monsters and strange layouts. I mean, I thought this was Crystal Caves, and we are definitely no longer in a cave. OR maybe we are? See they are pumping oxygen inside here.

I guess by today's standards, this game sucks and buying video games in the drugstore in the early 90s was not the best idea. But back then, you didnt have alot of options yet. Well I know you could purchase the full version somehow, maybe, but I dont know anyone who would.

Well thats about it! Thanks for reading about this game. Its all sorts of mediocre fun with gems and boy are they shiny! Yay Treasury Drug store for selling this junk to my parents everytime I had to go get medicine with them. Well, Commander Keen shouldn't be far behind this review.

Someone has gems with EYEBALLS. 

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