Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Help I have Blogger errors

So today my blog posted about 68 pages with the type

is on blogger

I do not know why, and I dont know if I can prevent it from occurring again. If anyone knows anything about contacting an actual person on blogger/google for help, I would be appreciative. Until then, apologies for the technical difficulties.

Thanks! ~ me

June 4, 2008, a man named Travis Alexander was murdered. He is an angel in Heaven, shining down on his family, friends, and so many loved ones. We have continued on 5 years into the future, and 5 years stronger than the day he died. The massive amounts of support for Travis are continuously building and will forever be. He will not be forgotten, justice will be served, and Travis Alexander will continue to forever bring light and love to others and his family. #JusticeforTravis

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