Saturday, December 21, 2013

Peppermint Pinwheel Cookie Tutorial

How to Step-by-Step photos
Once the dough is prepared, get your clear wrap ready.

1. Place clear wrap on surface, roll dough flat.

This is a closeup of the dough and how thin it should be.

2. Roll flat and as thin as possible. 

Set aside, repeat for the pink side.

3. Place the pink layer on top of the plain layer. Try to match the shape.

closeup of how layers should line up on all sides

4. Peel the clear wrap layer from the top layer (pink layer) and leave the clear wrap on bottom only.
The color on the bottom will be the color on the edge. It is easier to tell when the cookies are done baking when the color is plain and not pink on the outside.

5. Take one side of the clear wrap and tightly roll both layers together. Seal tight.

6. Put in fridge, can do this the day before.

7. Just follow the baking portion of the recipe - cookie tray with parchment paper, 375 degrees for 8-10 min! Lift off tray with spatula onto wire rack. Cool, enjoy!

Baking Notes:
*The only tip I highly recommend is using parchment paper when baking these cookies. It really helps to get them off the cookie tray and onto a rack to cool. Also, the recipe recommends 375 baking temp. but in case your oven runs hotter than usual, you can drop it to 350 and watch the tray closely through the oven door.  You do not want your cookies to bake too quickly, you want to make sure they remain soft. This is also why I recomment folding the beige side on the outside, so you can see the rim of the cookie. When its golden it is done baking. These taste better when they are not overbaked.

Dedicated to: Gabby Vogel- her favorite Christmastime cookie
and her foundation 
Gabby was a fighter, and in her memory we are fighting too. We are fighting cancer that takes away the joy of childhood and makes these children fight for their lives. Join us in this fight. Visit for more information.

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