Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Heart Sushi

I heart sushi! I love all of the pieces I created here, in a little tribute to the fishy pieces of delight. I really love Illustrator too, for the ability to create this work in it. Tracing with the pen tool, grabbing and smoothing edges, zooming in and out to look at it...I love it all!

Here is one of my graphics in my Portfolio online at

I love sushi. I really really do. The best of the best sushi I have eaten so far is out here on the west coast. I have eaten at a couple kick ass places in Philly and the burbs, but the best is really out here, and a mile away from the house. Happy sigh!
~Love it love sushi so yum! ~
It is one of the only foods that is consistent with my stomach. Luckily, I have only gotten truly sick once, and it certainly did not stop me. It stopped me from eating at buffets in Las Vegas after 10 pm....ick. But overall, for someone with my kind of stomach troubles, fish is almost always a safety. Only problem is...I could never prepare it or make it at home. That's up to the pro's!

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