Saturday, November 10, 2012

SS of the Week: Star Fox 64

One of the best games EVER....

I rocked this game! Back in the late 90's when the video game wars were Nintendo 64 vs Playstation. I chose N64, which was awesome! I picked up Star Fox 64 years after it had been out, in a clearance section with a rumble pack. I had no idea how much fun was in store. First, the controls were pretty simple. I mean, the game sorta helps with Peppy chiming in on moves, like the infamous Barrel Roll!!
I also have it on 3DS which is also awesome, and on my Wii. I still prefer my N64 controller because well, it was made for that! I loved that trigger button. Anyway, to continue, I used to play so much, I would attempt to beat my high score and did so most of the time. I got over 1400 back in the 90's. Too bad I am not as good as I used to be at this..

Barrel Rollin within the first couple minutes of gameplay.

Lots to explore, all of them have medals to be won. You get a medal by achieving a certain number of points or completing the missions inside the level correctly to qualify. Im not going to list all of them. I got most of them, minus Solar, the big red bitchy one in the middle, which you dont even need to play to beat the game. You dont play alot of these, actually, to beat the game.

Map of route to take: Orange= the tough way, the way you should go
Yellow= my usual path if Zoness kicks my butt in switches
pink = wimpy wussy direction. thats why its a baby color. You dont fight Andross's brain, therefore you dont really beat the game. You do, but you dont.

I love Aquas. Its my favorite level. You get infinite flares, which are like missels or bombs or whatever. Also your laser, which should be the full one. 

Zoness. A bitch.

Remember my mention of switches? Well for this one, you have to hit em all here or else you dont get to proceed on the orange course I mapped out, now you have to go a lamer way. It really sucks so man up and hit all the switches. If you want to get a medal in this bad boy you need 250 points. ouchies. 

  Slippy. Also a bitch.

Eventually, your friends are going to agitate you. It's very likely you'll mock them right back. Slippy is notorious for being obnoxious and whiney. Especially in the Search for Slippy, if you take pink weenie route you will know what I am talking about. That is a rescue mission as you run in your tank. Tank is no fun. Submarine fun, tank no fun. Got that?

Macbeth - In the tank, ugh.

Hit this checkpoint so when you mess up on this level's switches you wont have to backtrack from the beginning. If you choose to go here, you face the forever train. The point is to flip 8 switches in enough time to change the rails and send the boss train to an untimely explosion. This also causes your rumble pak to go off like a firework too. You do, however, get a boo-ya score. I used to re-route this direction because I racked up points to beat my high score, which was the basis of playing SF over and over. Well, this board (like that? like my old school lingo there?)a pain in the ---. Let's go to Area 6, another friendly land. This place you really get alot of points, so its important to lock onto enemies, like the colorful spinny guys who kick the crap out of your Arwing.

Boss fight, exhausting.

Well, it seems like after Area 6 you go to fight Andross, right? I mean, it's in the bag!

Nope, not yet. Now you get to go against a pack of 4 enemies. Star Wolf. So its like your team, only the bad guy version. Their tag lines are priceless. Anyway here is an intro video to get your heart pumping for a battle thats sure to end with a controller through a window.

Click Video below

But eventually, you get it done. Alot of times, this is my breaking point. You die fighting these guys, and come back with no laser. Your crew sucks at shooing, and you now you are stuck with maybe the first upgrade laser, which is of very little help. I actually hate this board. I hate Star Wolf. I would have fought Andross like 50 more times in my life if they were not in the way, making me lose my laser and hating life.

But your crew sucks at shooting them down.

Final Fight: Andross

Finally, did you think you would get here? Well you should have thought so. Its not so hard.  Just take a look, you made it this far. Good. You have had about 25 minutes of heart pounding, finger smashing fun. So what do we do here? Shoot out Andross's big stupid hands with the big blocky sensors, of course! Until his face blows off though. Then you are in for a real treat.


Nope, this is the very end! Dont you love when video games make you believe you beat the game and then, didnt? Well that happens here too, as long as you didnt take the dainty ass pink route of wimpy woo. Here, you have to shoot out the eyes that follow you perfectly. Make sure you know your flips and rolls. youll need it. And dont fly into the brain tentacles. Its like immediate screw me over lose your laser and wing action. But, if I could beat this as a high school girl, you can do it too.

The end!

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