Saturday, November 3, 2012

Screenshot of the week- Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th for NES ~ helllooooo 1989!!

Checking out the classics again, here is my scary favorite. The Friday the 13th game used to scare the crap outta me. I bought it at the flea market, played once alone, got scared and didnt play again for awhile. Seriously, it was a Saturday morning for crying out loud. I went into a cabin and I was looking for Jason, ready to kill with my beastly weapon. Rock! But when he comes out, the music abruptly changes and just about made me throw the controller in fear.

I could never stop purple Jason with my trusty rock. Ever.

Crap! Im screwed.

Well, that's what would happen normally. I would sacrifice a counselor to Jason every 4 minutes. Then I would feel even more daring and try to rescue the kids on the lake. They usually did not survive. I didnt even care. When I was little, I didnt even think saving the kids was really important. I mean, they dont even give you power ups! You must go way out of your way and prepare to take alot of damage by not defending yourself on a friggin rowboat.

Purple Jason swims like a shark right into my stupid little boat. Both Mark and the children have little time left...

Dont even get me started on the cave, the deep woods, the lack of good weapons, the constant zombies that have nothing to do with the F.13 series, and having slow moving counselors. I mean, what is that? How is that helpful to go slower when everything is constantly ramming you? Wolves? Flying heads? 

Nice doggy....good doggy? 

I never beat this game personally. I have watched others beat it. Mainly because it is really hard and I do not like games where stuff jumps out of nowhere and scares me! Nowadays you can just youtube the ending of any game if you really want to see the ending. This was stupid annoying because Jason comes back 2 more times so you have alot of work ahead of you if you want to beat it for real.  So save your fast runners. Try to get something other than the rock. Maybe you'll see Jason's mom before dinner! I hear she really loses her head in the kitchen!

hi Mom, what's for dinner?

 Anyway this game kind of blows but if you are a gamer kid, you had a love hate relationship with this title. Mostly hate...mostly.

Game Over! Goodnight.

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