Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Craft tutorial: How to make a mod tree ornament

 How to make a 'mod tree' ornament

Cute and simple, these ornaments from felt, floss and glue can be alot of fun to make!

The holidays always make me think of family. Every Christmas, my Nana would hang a mod Santa cutout mobile on her door. I couldn't remember a year she did not hang it up. He would spin around everytime someone came through the door. He brought alot of cheer, even if he is a little odd. My aunt actually mailed him to me today! I have been pumping out ornaments for about a month, so it was a definite happy surprise and a sign to include him in this posting!

hi Santa and Santa's inspired ornament

The instructions are pretty self explanatory. I created my own template for the tree because I could not find my tree cookie cutter. The tree and the bell are the simpler shapes to start on. I didn't bother with stars since they look pretty bad when the 5 sides are uneven, but whatever shape works for you will work with this project.

Please check back later in the week for an additional tutorial on felt ornaments. Some of them are trying to make their ways to homes for the holidays. See you soon!

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