Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Felt Fun! Tutorial: Cookie Ornaments

Holiday Felt Cookie Treat!
Hi everyone!
Here we have some holiday felt fun, starting out with holiday cookies. These will last past Santa's visit. Leave some out on your living room table as an homage to the treats given to the big guy in red for stopping by with presents. Actually, they are more like unfinished ornaments. If a ribbon were attached to each one, thats what they would be.


Tutorial Instructions:

1. Create a template (drawing cut out of paper) or get out your cookie cutters and trace the design onto the felt. Cut 2 of the same shape, and 1 slightly smaller but identical shape for 'icing'. I used brown for cookie and red/green/pink for icing.

2. Use matching floss and run a simple stitch with the smaller piece w color on top of the brown felt. Then make a running stitch to connect the two brown pieces.

3. Done! If you want you can glue or sew ribbon onto them to hang. I left some on a plate with some chocolate chip cookies I had already made out of felt to make a bigger plate.

**To make a chocolate chip cookie: Cut out 2 brown circles. Grab some scrap brown for chips.

Sew chips onto felt first, one stitch should be enough. Then sew the circles together with a running stitch. Stuff with microfiber or cotton if you wish.

Merry Christmas!

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