Friday, February 8, 2013

SS of the Week: Toejam & Earl for Sega Genesis

Lets get back to 1991 when life was goooooood :) When your SEGA games had attitude.
 16 bit fun and mayhem with hip hop midi tracks thats sure to have you bust a groove.
Now that the funk is in,
lets play this game to let the fun begin!
Toejam & Earl for Genesis
(the Early years, the good times, not the lame sequels)

Fun opening, funky music kicking in, let's go collect our ship parts and fly around like in the SEGA splash screen! (Dont forget your allergy medication.)

So why is this game so funky fresh it still makes you jam? First, its a matter of the fun in exploring. I do like to explore. Uncovering the map, finding presents, moving onto new levels with baddies is pretty cool. You get your choice of Toejam or Earl. I like Toejam because of his high pitched voice. "MONEY!" everytime you pick up a buck. I like finding money in real life, so of COURSE finding it in a game is cool too. Its weird, quirky, and fun as two-player. You can laugh when you fall off a level and onto an older one, there is 'friendly fire' so you can even shoot each other with tomatoes. Its all for a good laugh and this game is just packed with funny stuff. If I have to explain more, then you didnt play this awesome game and therefore, I dont want to tell you about details you should already know. So there!

Planet Not-Funk
So here I am, and what do I do? Grab my floatie? Earl, get your lazy butt out here (player 2 not included)

 Gameplay: Fun-ky. Not always fun though. Pretty funny?.... yes. Get your gift on! Gift usage gives you points, which levels you, which extends your health and gives you extra lives. So alot of times you get used to getting a great item at the wrong time, or items that kill you or even sometimes items to kill your partner (which is Earl to my Toejam).

Awesome! I found a ship piece. Lumpy potato? Just walk up to it and each one is a unique piece to your ship. 

If you are playing 'random' it means the ship pieces and levels are randomized, and the regular version has ship pieces and gifts in the same places. It also has a set level design. I have personally found 'random' to be much more fun and a little easier. So you better play random too.

 Squish, there goes the Earl!

Ok so here we are in 2 player mode. I am player 1. My sister would be Earl, down on player 2s screen. When you separate, the screen splits into two but comes together when you are close on the map. The map sucks. There is only 1 screen for the map, no split screen. So alot of times if your friend is lost and hits the map alot, itll disrupt your play. Itll mess you up everytime, put it that way. So mess with your pals, hit the map.

Basically, all the levels of this lameass planet are about the same, almost nobody wants to help you. The hula girl gets you to hula with her, and will stop you in dead tracks. Alot of times this hula chick will be the death of you.

SANTA!!! Gimme presents!! gimme gimme....wait!!! You're leaving?! Waaaaaiiittt....dont go.....

Santa, what a let down. He isn't an enemy; but what the frack, he just flies away when you get close to him! If you spot him AGAIN, he does the same thing. I found him the other day and there was a present nearby. Maybe he left it, maybe the good programmers already had that gift there. I am not sure and too tired to read and then return to change my post. Does Santa give you gifts or grief?
Well thats all I feel like writing. 
So go get your funk on already!

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