Thursday, May 23, 2013

At Last Party Supply: The First Straw

Since 2007, At Last has been providing events and crafting with a glamorous touch. Over the years, the company has branched another section, offering the Party Supplies options to their clients at a discounted cost. Lead by the creative mind of Dianne Valladares, she proudly presents the newest At Last Party Supply for this summer. For example, the company sells straws in bulk. Straws are very popular, they are festive, and both cost and eco-friendly.

Here we have designed a Memorial Day/4th of July Facebook cover for the company, showcasing their straws and fun ways to use them in drinks. The bottom left corner is the logo, in the 'Facebook profile window' and the background image is the 'Facebook Cover image'. I was able to alter the cupcake lids to incorporate the new logo and matched the colors up to the patriotic theme, suitable for that summer time period. The logo itself is red and white, with a nod to the Coca-Cola font and a vintage and fun theme. Perhaps that will also change over time, with colors for the seasons.

Taking the new logo, and using the new products on the FB item order list, here is a new FB design for the cover. Basically, we have some light gradients used in the background and sticking to a basic red and white color palette. Simplicity sometimes is more effective in drawing in the eye. We also showcase actual product and the company logo on stickers, which are coming soon.

Check back at At Last Party Supply for more party needs!

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