Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Felt Cookie Catering: Template and Tutorial

Felt Cookie Catering!
With template and tutorial to make your own

Great for kids of all ages, parties, and presents. The first example uses a basket and the second example is a plastic container left over from storebought cookies. I just washed and kept it. It helps to give it the idea of play food. I created a template that is easy to use to create your own cookies, or feel free to use your own ideas. It helps when you pre-cut your shapes.
*remember to cut out 2 shapes for the large shape and one of the smaller for the decor.

Felt Item List: Felt, embroidery floss, pen & paper
1. Create your template: Make a square, circle, whatever shape you like. 
2. Cut the shapes out and use them as tracing templates onto pieces of felt. *
3. Sew the sides together, leave a gap to fill. See image below to help stitching.
4. Fill with polyfill, cotton balls, spare felt
5. Sew the last side closed. Done! (use t-shirt paint to paint sprinkles if you didnt sew some)
6.Package up your goodies to give away or store. Store with like colors. I reused a container I got when I bought something from the grocery store. Probably cookies! 


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