Sunday, July 28, 2013

Green Juicer Recipe

Green Juice Recipe
(requires juicer)


1. Cucumber - can also add celery
2. Lettuce - kale, green, red, spinach
3. Apple - fruit, sweet flavor
4. (additional ingredients can be added: honey, ginger)

Juice together, drink right away!

actual drink! 
Pictured: Half cucumber, handful of red lettuce, one golden delicious apple.
Go green! Help yourself lose weight and help your body get healthy!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Crafting DIY: Pencil Cup Mod Podge

Ok so this is not the project to use an inkject printed picture for on plain paper, but I did anyway. Twice. I want to go and get nicer paper but it was too hot to think about driving to the craft store. 
Anyway I start out with a can, these are expired peas from 2011, so we arent going to miss them.

Pencil Cup Tin Can Mod Podge

Items You Will Need:

tin can
paper towel/rag
mod podge
brush or sponge
wax paper/surface to work on

Wash the can out really well. Use soap, then dry with paper towel or rag.

Peel the label off the can if you havent already. Clean that surface. Dry.

Apply Mod Podge to inside if you are decorating both sides of the tin can. If not just apply to the front side.

Roll your pattern evenly.

Apply the hell out of the Mod Podge

Have your image ready to be glued on.

Apply glue. Wait. Apply more. (See I did not wait.)

And there. If you take your time, you can even line up your pattern. Not like me, this was a mess halfway through I wondered why did I do this. But now I have something I can store my pens in at work! :)

Bonus: Patterned Duct Tape and Black Electrical Tape Finishings:

Wrap tape onto can. Done!

All you have to do is just wrap it around the edge for another pattern or color!

Enjoy!! I would love to see your Mod Podge Tin Cans on my blog or  Swiss Army Artist on Facebook

at my desk at the office looking fabulous!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sleepy Blanket Logo Work

New logo design reflects characteristics similar to the represented product:

Soft colors, tranquil, comfort

Using design elements like: 
Outer glow, blue haze, a sleeping baby, image of product
Target Audience will be new parents, mostly moms and grandmoms,  
Emphasis on comfort gifts for infants and young ones.
Advertisement: Print Full Page Magazine Ads and Web/Internet Banners

Sleepy Baby Blankets wanted a logo and advertisement to promote themselves. This series was developed and approved over a lengthy period of time with several levels of the company. To ensure the right message was delivered, the CEO personally approved of each color proof. This ad campaign will be featured in Parents Magazine as well as Good Housekeeping.