Monday, May 13, 2013

8-Bit Video Game Felt Toys: Tutorial and Template

8-Bit Video Game Felt
I made a matching game out of felt squares, with a fun theme of 8-Bit Video Games. They are stitched together with embroidery floss and eco-friendly felt and filled with a polyfill. These items are chosen from the Mario series on Nintendo Entertainment System in the 80s and 90s.

Mario Matching Game - black one side, item on other side - 2 of each or a la carte

To Make Your Felt Squares:

Sample Template for:  Mushroom / Star / ? Block Square 

Felt Square Item List: Felt, embroidery floss, pen & paper
1. Create your template: Make a square, and create your shapes. 
2. Cut them out of felt and stitch onto a square. 
3. Sew 3 of the sides second square to the square with design.
4. Fill with felt
(if creating a memory matching game, make sure all the backsides match & do not overstuff).
5. Sew the last side closed. Done!

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