Thursday, May 16, 2013

Some Felt Food Sets: A Simple How-to

PM Felt proudly presents some of the work done by the creator and designer (me!) I use eco-friendly materials and custom create each item. I have several categories for felt food which includes, but not limited to: sweets and treats, fruits and feggies, breakfast dishes, and dinner dishes.
Click Here for a Felt Sewing Donut Tutorial

Felt Item List: Felt, embroidery floss, pen & paper
1. Create your template: Make a square, circle, whatever shape you like.
2. Cut the shapes out and use them as tracing templates onto pieces of felt. 
3. Sew the sides together, leave a gap to fill 
4. Fill with polyfill, cotton balls, spare felt
5. Sew the last side closed. Done!
6.Package up your goodies to give away or store. Store with like colors.

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