Friday, May 17, 2013

My Carbonmade Banner

Check out my portfolio here courtesy of carbonmade:
So here is my banner. It is in the profile section of a member's account, and it is the image and link that appears in the searchable database. I wanted the image to integrate well with a black background, since that is the color of the website. I found the bright green and white popped off the page. The tea has no real significance, other than I just like it, and I like tea in general. I did not design the tea bags, but I manipulated them to layer on one another and cascade with proper lighting.

This is the original, the website automatically crops your photo. This is why I included both examples.
Carbonmade is a website which offers space for online portfolios at an affordable or free rate. Over 640, 000 portfolios are listed, and Paula Mazzoli is one of them. Please visit my site!

My blogger banner
You can find this banner on the bottom of my blog. I wanted to use my logo but in a more exciting way. I wanted the eye to be intrigued by the color and imagery. The manipulation of the imagery is taken from layers of portfolio examples that are overlapped by my contact information. The logo is now on a three-dimensional tilt, no longer flat, with shadowing behind it. 

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