Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Top Dip Cake Pop Tops

How To: Make Cake Top Candied Tops
Cake Pops already cooked and cooled

mini cupcake liners (optional)
melting chocolate wafers
Melt the melting chocolate:
mini-crock pot, double boiler on stove,
(or pour into microwave safe bowl, nuke for 30 seconds, remove, stir, repeat until chocolate is smooth and warm.)

Dip top of cake pop into chocolate, lay into liner, add sprinkles before cooling. Eat whenever.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Felt Cookie Catering: Template and Tutorial

Felt Cookie Catering!
With template and tutorial to make your own

Great for kids of all ages, parties, and presents. The first example uses a basket and the second example is a plastic container left over from storebought cookies. I just washed and kept it. It helps to give it the idea of play food. I created a template that is easy to use to create your own cookies, or feel free to use your own ideas. It helps when you pre-cut your shapes.
*remember to cut out 2 shapes for the large shape and one of the smaller for the decor.

Felt Item List: Felt, embroidery floss, pen & paper
1. Create your template: Make a square, circle, whatever shape you like. 
2. Cut the shapes out and use them as tracing templates onto pieces of felt. *
3. Sew the sides together, leave a gap to fill. See image below to help stitching.
4. Fill with polyfill, cotton balls, spare felt
5. Sew the last side closed. Done! (use t-shirt paint to paint sprinkles if you didnt sew some)
6.Package up your goodies to give away or store. Store with like colors. I reused a container I got when I bought something from the grocery store. Probably cookies! 


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Candy Molds 101

Candy nesting doll treats? If you use several solid colored candies, you can really create a beautiful and tasty spread for guests. For this tutorial, we will work with the green candies. They are a vanilla favor melting wafer by Wilton. They sell these melted candies at Walmart in the bridal section. You can also melt regular chocolate if you are familiar with tempering. If not, then I suggest the melting candies. They are made with oil, so they are easier to melt and easier to pop out of molds. 

First, get your mold. The plastic teflon molds are perfect. They are bendy, easy to work with and easy to clean up. I also suggest a plastic spatula or spoon. No metal if you are working with items that can be scratched, like the bottom of the mini-crock pot. Also, get a metal baking sheet. It will be used as well.
This mold was provided by At Last Party Supply.

Melt your chocolate. I have a tiny crock-pot I bought at Goodwill. It will melt slowly. You can melt the chocolate on a 'double burner' on the stove or use the microwave. If you use the microwave, melt a few chips at a time. About 20-30 seconds, stir, repeat. If you heat the candy too quick too fast, you may burn it or ruin it, and the results are irreversible. So have a little patience until your 'routine' is instilled, based on your microwave or however you are melting your candy. (I unplug and re-plug my little crock if its been on hot for too long. I dont trust appliances to not catch on fire, apparently.)
Pour chocolate into the molds quickly. Smooth out the bottom. When the mold is full, put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. Do not forget your metal cooking sheet. When you pick up your mold, it will be on the cooking pan, so you wont mess up the pretty pattern on the bottom. Because its a metal pan, it will get cold quickly in the freezer and it will help form your candy faster. 

Pop the candy out of the mold. Boom done! Fancy!

The big party!
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Help I have Blogger errors

So today my blog posted about 68 pages with the type

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I do not know why, and I dont know if I can prevent it from occurring again. If anyone knows anything about contacting an actual person on blogger/google for help, I would be appreciative. Until then, apologies for the technical difficulties.

Thanks! ~ me

June 4, 2008, a man named Travis Alexander was murdered. He is an angel in Heaven, shining down on his family, friends, and so many loved ones. We have continued on 5 years into the future, and 5 years stronger than the day he died. The massive amounts of support for Travis are continuously building and will forever be. He will not be forgotten, justice will be served, and Travis Alexander will continue to forever bring light and love to others and his family. #JusticeforTravis

Felt Steak: Tutorial, template, well done.

Well Done Felt Steak

Here is a template and a tutorial to help you make a felt steak.
Gather your materials, brown and white felt, and embroidery floss to match. Then print and use this template to make the shape for your steak. Included is a photo of the cut pieces you will need.

Sew the bone onto the steak, then choose white or dark brown strip to wrap around the edge of the steak. Sew as pictured. I used white thread on the bone and brown for the edges.

Helpful photo image to help you stitch the pieces together. 

Yum! I hope you enjoy! I will be including more tutorials in the future for the other food pieces shown in the picture and more.